Citaj na Srpskom | Read in English is an online community and a resource dedicated to CZ 99 family of firearms.

The CZ 99 family of handguns started back in 1990 with the introduction of CZ 99 and couple of years later by a CZ 99 Compact-G. CZ 999 in 1999, CZ 999 Scorpion (2004), EZ - formerly also referred to as CZ 05 (2007) and the prototype CZ 07 is now in development.

The CZ 99 legacy does not end there. NB I.N.A.T. (a privately owned Serbian fireamrs manufacturer founded by the "father" of CZ 99 - Bozidar "Zida" Blagojevic, after retiring from Zastava) had designed three handguns by greatly improving on the original CZ 99 design: BB21, BB22 and BB23.

Family also includes a NB I.N.A.T.-produced IPSC model CZ 99 IPSC and Zastava-produced TOP XX.

Foreign, licensed manufacture includes a South African Tressitu TZ-99 (licensed copy of CZ 99) and the Israeli KSN Industries Golan (licensed copy of CZ 99 Compact-G) .

This site is an online resource and community for an entire CZ 99 family of handguns - both close and extended family.

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» April 14, 2013.

Zastava PPZ - next generation of the CZ 99 - with a polymer frame is currently undergoing reliability testing prior to mass production. Read more about it in a new section of the site [click here].

» January 29, 2013.

CZ 999 Scorpion is back! Previously imported as Charles Daly ZDA, now as CZ 999, not to be confused with the real CZ 999 that has a triggering mode selector. Century International Arms will be offering this superb service pistol along with Zastava M57 and M70A. .

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