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Please note that the section below applies to the 9mm CZ 99 family members, as I have never had a chance to examine the magazines for the .40S&W caliber.

10/15 round Zastava-made magazines

These are your standard factory-made magazines for the CZ 99 family. Ten round magazines are made for legal compliance with laws in countries that require ten round capacity limitation.

These two differ in such way that one side of a 10 round magazine tube had been cut so that one can't simply exchange the bottom cover plate and convert a 10 round magazine into a 15 round magazine. The magazine bottom of the 10 round magazine is plastic and it protrudes into the magazine tube to limit the space available inside the tube.

All the CZ 99 family members in 9mm use the same magazines - including the CZ 99 Compact G.

Increasing the capacity to 18 and 20 rounds

NB INAT, a privately owned Serbian Firearms Engineering Firm has been offering a redesigned magazines which are the same dimensions as the factory 15 round magazine that can take 18 rounds of 9mm ammunition. Company also offers extension for these magazines bringing the total capacity to 20 rounds of 9mm ammunition. NB INAT has plans to offer these magazines in the USA but as of now they are only offered in Serbia.

Zastava Arms has also been working on the magazine redesign and their redesigned version is expected to be offered in Zastava CZ 07. There is no official release date for CZ 07 and as far as it's known, the CZ 07 is still in prototype stage.

There are some guns that use the magazines of the same dimensions, making it possible to modify such magazines to fit Zastava CZ 99 family guns, thus increasing the capacity to 18, 20 or even 30 rounds of 9mm ammo.

Modified 18 round magazine in CZ 999 Scorpion (left) and the modified 20 round magazine in Zastava EZ9 (right)

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